Alan Syliboy's Blog

May Updates

I'm filming Brainstorm with Nance Ackerman which will document my journey into medicine with world-renowned neuro-surgeon Dr. Ivar Mendez.  We're closing in on the end of the film, which will lead me into the operating room to observe Dr. Mendez during brain surgery, as well as working on art for the new Brain Repair Centre which will open in Halifax next month.  More on that project to come. 

The catalogue for Ekpahak is finally here!  It is well worth the wait, with the show opening 2 years ago. 

The Dream Canoe is installed, and there was an unofficial opening of the People's Place library which was very enjoyable, with a lot of people coming to see the piece.  Two of the original kids from the canoe photo came to the opening, J. Sullivan and M. Prosper.  Elissa Bernard from the Chronicle Herald will be doing a piece on the Dream Canoe in the near future, and the library's official opening is still to come. 

With the help of Steve D., my son Evan and daughter Erin, I produced a video which is now on Youtube, and so far we're getting a lot of hits.

March/April Updates

Lone Clouds appearance on The Candy Show for APTN went over very well.  Our vocalist, Rachael Henderson sang "Trail of Broken" 9 days after the birth of her son, Alden via cesarean section, as well as coming down with the flu the day of the show.  "Trail of Broken" by Alex Mason, which tells the story of Anna Mae Aquash, appears on our debut cd, Live at North Street Church.  Of course, she delivered a stunning performance receiving a standing ovation.  We haven't been notified when the show will air, but we will announce it as soon as it's available. 

"Ekpahak", a show that I curated with Terry Graff at the Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the catalogue is currently at the printers in Winnipeg.  This show features Aboriginal artists from New Brunswick, where Terry Graff and I went door to door to seven reservations, and were welcomed by many artists.  The result was "Ekpahak", where the tide ends.  We are currently working on a Facebook group for when the catalogue is released with the help of the artsists from this show. 

The Halifax International Airport celebrating the 2010 Canada Winter games exhibited two of my larger works. "Spirits Flying", was on display above the arrivals area, and "Celebration Mural, Rebirth 2011" was displayed at the departure area.  Both were very well received, and the airport has asked to extend the stay of "Spirits Flying" for the remainder of the year.  More events are in negotiations with the Airport, and announcements will be made when details are finalized.  Although I was not selected for the short list for the Halifax Central Library, I was pleased with the proposal I submitted, and there will be many more opportunities in the near future to showcase Mi'kmaq culture that will make us more visible to the general public. 

I've started work on the Little Thunder/Stone Canoe exhibit, and I'm very pleased to announce that Terry Graff, Deputy Director of the Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery has agreed to be curator.  We've received an NS Arts Council grant for this show, and we'd like to thank the council for their support.  This show will take approx. a year to develop.

February Updates

The Band is rehearsing regularly, and preparing for The Candy Show which will be taping on March 11th.  Unfortunately, complimentary ticets for the taping are no longer available.  I'll be doing a workshop at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts on Saturday, March 12 where I'll be discussing my art with approximately 40 young emerging artists from across Canada.  I will show my animation, and we'll also be doing some outdoor artwork with snow-shoes, producing large patterns in the snow.  I've done projects like this before, but never at this scale.  I've been invited to show some of my work at the Halifax International Airport celebrating the 2011 Canada Games.  The first work, a mural entitled "Spirits Flying" is hanging in the International Arrivals area.  (  I'm also working on another mural that will be displayed at the Departures lounge shortly.  both pieces will be there for a month or more during the games.

January Updates

I have been working on our “Request For Qualifications” for the new Halifax Central Library ( is the reason I’ve not been able to update recently.  I’m in the running with 93 other artists .  The most significant portion was to identify past projects and add them to the CV in much greater detail, making it far more comprehensive and then adding it to the website.  The hope is to provide students with a lot more resource material for their research.  (  If I am successful with this first phase, the next phase will be making the short list where I will then create a proposal.  I’d like to thank Helen Ferguson for being my consultant and assisting me in this process, as well as my staff, Kathy Henderson and Evan Syliboy.  Lone Cloud was scheduled to play at the Aboriginal Health Transfer Fund (AHTF) Knowledge Transfer Workshop on February 2nd, however, due to weather, the conference has been postponed until march. 

December Updates

Little Thunder

We have received some interest from the Indianer Inuit:  The North America Native Film Festival in Stuttgart, Germany.  I will keep you informed if anything develops.

Retrospective Exhibit

My show at the Klu'skap Art Gallery has been well received and is extended to December 24.  I have to bring additional work on the 15th, so if you have already seen the show there will be new works to view.  Pascal has been doing a phenomenal job in promoting and marketing my work and I am really happy to be represented by his gallery in the Moncton area.  My work has been exposed to a new audience and has been received very well.  Along with the Ingrid Mueller's Art & Concepts, Pascal's Klu'skap Art Gallery and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, we are now well represented in New Brunswick.

People's Place Library Mural

The mural for the People's Place Library in Antigonish is progressing nicely.  I just received a print out of the photograph of the Afton kids on watercolour paper.  It is 96 inches long; this will be cut out by hand and it will become a focal point of this piece.  The concept is coming toether nicely and I am looking forward to the unveiling.  I would like to reunite the kids in the photograph at that time.

December is another busy month, I hope to have some down time near the end of it.  The year 2010 has been an incredible year for me; I am looking forward to the new year starting and completing new projects.

More November Updates

My exhibit continues to be well received at the Klu'scap Art Gallery.  Pascal tells me that the day after the opening fifty people were there in the first hour and 170 through the day.  Traffic has been steady ever since and sales are going very well.  There is a lot of excitement in Moncton about the gallery; Pascal is doing a great job in getting the word out.  The French media have been very supportive with CBC Radio and Rogers Cable TV with Joel Landry covering the event.


Little Thunder has been selected for special programs of the 6th Annual Children's Film Festival Seattle.  The Festival will be presented by Northwest Film Forum January 28-February 6, 2011 with additional screenings for school groups through February 25. 

The film is also accepted to the 6th annual REDCAT International Children's Film in Los Angeles.  That festival will take place over the course of two weekends: March 26-27 and April 1-2, at Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

A recent painting titled 'Brain with Head Dress' was part of my presentation at the Red Cross Humanitarian Awards, during which Dr. Ivar Mendez was presented the prestigious Humanitarian Of The Year Award. This painting is being purchased by the QEII Neurosurgery department with part of the proceeds going to the Red Cross.  The painting will be on display there in the near future.  This work is a result of my work with Dr. Ivar Mendez and Nance Ackerman on the Brainstorm documentary.  This is just the beginning of my journey that will take me into a time of learning about the brain and incorporating it into my art.  The reaction to this painting by Dr. Mendez and the people at the Red Cross Gala was very positive.  This should prove to be a new dimension and I am excited about learning more about the brain and about my self.


I have started work on the mural for the People's Place Library in Antigonish; which is set to open some time early in the new year.  The mural will be based on a photograph and a series of paintings about the Afton kids playing in a canoe.  This mural will include as many family snapshots,(past and present) that wish to be in it.  I consider this mural to be a family protrait of the community of Afton; which will take its place with the larger community as part of this project.


November Updates

It was an honour to be nominated and on the short list for the Lieutenant Governor's Masters Award.  I consider this to be a milestone in my career.  I attended the Awards Gala which was a great evening with excellent food and entertainment.  I had a chance to meet old friends and there was a lot of excitement in the air.  I would like to thank Dee Appleby for my nomination, as well as, Lenore Zann and Bernie Riordon.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  I would also like to thank the Trout Lake Community Centre in Vancouver BC for their great support letter.  This is where my mural People of the Dawn now has a permanent home.


I have a lot of projects in the works, some short term and some long term. I will let you know more as they develop.


I had a retrospective exhibit open last night at the Klu'skap Art Gallery in Moncton.  There was an overflow of people that the gallery couldn't accommodate and people had to wait outside until some left.  I met a lot of people that enjoy my work.  My band Lonecloud played, they sounded great and we sold a lot of CDs.  The Klu'skap Art Gallery is a brand new gallery which gave me an opportunity to do my first show in Moncton.  The reception was overwhelming.  I would like to thank artist and gallery owner, Pascal Pelletier, for this opportunity and wish him great success for the future.  Aboriginal art has its own gallery in the Maritimes for the first time in a long time.  I would also like to thank the band for coming, Byron Simon for replacing me on percussion, Hubert Francis, Danny Sutherland on bass and Reg Henderson for sound.  This was a night I will not forget.

October Updates

I am supposed to be on my way to the Ottawa International Animation Festival where Little Thunder will be screened.  I am a bit swamped and I didn't have enough time to go.  Little thunder will be well represented by our animator Paton Francis and I am sure he will do a great job.

The Red Cross is presenting Dr. Ivar Mendez the Humanitarian Award at their banquet on November 10.  I will be showing four paintings selected by Dr. Mendez in support of the event  The paintings will be auctioned with a portion of the proceeds to go to the Red Cross.  

I am putting a show together for the Kluskap Art gallery in Moncton, NB on November 4.  It is my first show at this new gallery; it will be a retrospective with work from all stages of my working career. 

You will be hearing from my band Lonecloud in the near future but we are still in the planning stages so stay posted.

This is a very busy time, I am back in the studio working away.  Working to me is very enjoyable and then your results go into a show.

I am happy to announce that the Lone Cloud Print Series Volume 1 is now available for purchase.  It is a folio of six prints of my Lonecloud paintings, which are currently on exhibit at Ingrid Mueller Art & Concepts in Fredericton, NB.  I think they are very well done, and of very fine quality.  They are printed by George Klass Photography.  You can check them out on my on line gallery.

   September Updates

Little Thunder

Little Thunder is at the Atlantic Film Festival this week.  It will be screened on Wednesday, September 22 at noon at the Park Lane 4 and 9:20 pm at the Park Lane 8.  Visit their website for more information on the events  I went to the opening gala last night at the Citadel; there was a huge crowd and I met lots of interesting people.

I am off to Ottawa next month for the Ottawa 2010 International Animation Festival which will be held October 20-24.  I hope to reconnect with people I haven't seen in a long time; and I will be talking to some people on some business that will hopefully materialize later.

Little Thunder is making an impact; you couldn't expect anything less when you have the name Thunder.  He is noticed when he rolls into town.

Klu'skap Gallery

I am going to be speaking with Pascal Pelletier today about showing my work at his new Klus'cap Art Gallery which opens September 30.  The gallery is located at 581 Main Street, Moncton, NB.  This is very exciting because it is the first native gallery in the region for quite some time.  I wish Pascal good luck with this venture.

CBC Calendar

I recently produced a piece for the upcoming CBC Information Morning calendar project.  Keep an eye out for that.  I would also like to wish my friend Costas Halavrezos a happy retirement; today is his last day with the CBC.

You Tube Video

Check out my interview; Alan Syliboy, Membertou and the Queen.


I will try to keep up with the blog, stay tuned for further installments of the adventures of Little Thunder out in the world.


Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library Mural

I have been commissioned to do a mural for the People's Place project, the new Antigonish library.  I will be one of seventeen artists asked to do work for this library.  This is a fresh approach for a public building.  I will provide updates on the progress of this mural that is due to be completed early 2011.


  August 2010 Updates

I am currently working on a Queen's visit page which will include a video clip of me presenting the Membertou painting to the Queen.  It will also feature articles and other information.  I am developing prints of the Queen's painting and we hope to have a launch date soon.

The Sylliboy prints are now available.  Check the website under 'On Line Gallery' to view the prints and for further information.

I have a new video section on the website that includes the handmade animation, The Walking Moose.  There are hand painted, individually numbered cells available for sale, contact me for more information.

Little Thunder in now available for purchase through the National Film Board's website, under the Vistas Series.  Little Thunder has been selected for the Canadian Showcase screenings at the Ottawa 2010 International Animation Festival to be held October 20-24.  The festival had more than 2092 entries from 72 countries.  It is also being considered for the Children's Film Festival in Seattle, the Redcat International Film Festival and the prestigious Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater.  I'll keep you posted on these festivals.  Little Thunder is doing wondrous things and his journey has just started.

My band Lonecloud has some upcoming shows that I should mention; you can check us out on August 8, 2 pm at the Incredible Picnic in front of the Truro Library.  August 9, 8 pm at the Ship's Company  Theatre in Parrsboro.  On August 20 at 6 pm we kick off the Blueberry Festival with a concert at the Marigold Centre, on the rooftop!

Our sax player Jeff Benetti posted a family video trip to Keji, it is set to the music of the Lonecloud song, 'Seeing Blindness' You should see this, it is great.


            July 2010 Updates

I have made a promise to keep up my blog which I've failed miserably.  There has been a lot going on since the Queen's visit and the Pow wow, which I enjoyed immensely.  It was very nice meeting Queen Elizabeth; we are looking into having prints of the Queen's painting made available.  That is in the works.  I showed the Queen's painting at the Argyle Fine Arts Gallery along with other new works.  I also did a talk about the painting which was well received with a good turn out.

My booth at the Pow wow was a success.  A lot of people came by, many of whom I have not seen in years.  They told me about the paintings they purchased years ago.  It was great to catch up; I enjoy being reminded of where my paintings have gone and how they are appreciated.

We have new videos on our site and we have new prints, as well as familiar ones available for purchase. 

Little Thunder is in Italy this week.  I was told by our animator, Paton Francis, that this is a very serious festival and we are very fortunate to have Little Thunder make its way into this festival.  There has been interest in Little Thunder becoming more than a two minute animation.  I'll keep you posted on that as it  develops.

Introducing Doctor Lone Cloud exhibit at the Ingrid Mueller Arts & Concepts in Fredericton went very well. The show was presented very well and was well attended.  We sold six paintings on opening night.   The show is over now but I am happy to be one of Ingrid's gallery artists. 

There are a lot of pots on the back burner and these I will report on later.

           Queen Elizabeth's Painting

I have new work showing at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery at 1869 Upper Water Street in Halifax.  Join me at the gallery on Thursday, July 8 from 6-7:30 pm when I will  speak about the painting I did for the Queen.  Here is your opportunity to see the Queen's painting before it is officially handed over.  For more information, contact the gallery at their e-mail,

          Syliboy Series Prints Are Now Available

The Syliboy Print Series is now available exclusively through our website.  The prints are size 10"x10" and are printed on 300 lb Hamemuhle Cotton Rag archival paper.  The price for these limited prints is $90.00 CAD.

         Queen Elizabeth's Visit

I will be presenting the Queen with a painting of Membertou.  This is to commemorate the 400 year anniversary of his baptism.  His was the first Mi'kmaq baptism in North America.  I am in the middle of my research on this piece and the painting is progressing well.  More updates to follow.

         Solo Show

         Introducing Doctor Lone Cloud

This is my first show at Ingrid Muellers Art + Concepts in Fredericton NB.  It features 15 new paintings in the Lone Cloud series and other paintings.  It runs from June 11-July 4, 2010.

        NSCC Honourary Diploma

On June 14, 2010, I received an Honourary Diploma from the Nova Scotia Community College, Truro Campus, for Outstanding Work in Applied Arts and New Media.

        Little Thunder

The Little Thunder animation is making a tour of the festivals.  It was recently the recipient of the Best Animated Film at the 2010 First Peoples Festival in Montreal.  "For its vivacity, humour and its light, impulsive brushstrokes sketching playful figures, and for the stone canoe carried off like a leaf in the eternal currents of the Mi'kmaq legend this film brings to life..."  The next festival is the Gimli Festival in Manitoba and then it is off to Italy.

       Going To The Olympics!

This walking moose is going to the Olympics tomorrow, and will be there for the last three days, and the hand-painted, limited-edition cells will be available!  We'll be at the Artisans Village located at the Vancouver Community College, downtown campus, from February 26th until the 28th.  The Coca Cola Art Bottle is on, and you can now bid on it here.  If you're at the Olympics, you can see Little Thunder on moniters around the area.  Lone Cloud's upcoming four song EP, "Carry Me Home" will be released at the ECMA's on March 6th in Sydney, NS, and we'll be playing at the Crown and Moose Pub at tthe Delta Hotel at 2:00 pm, and then at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre that night.

       Watch "Little Thunder" online!

        The Vistas are now available to watch online on the NFB website!  Hopefully the Vistas package will be availble soon on dvd for people to buy.  Coca Cola have also opened bidding on all of the Aboriginal Coke bottles, the proceeds of which will go to the Aboriginal Youth Legacy Fund.  You can check it out here.

        Mural Hanging

         I hope everyone will come to see my mural at the Lord Beaverbrook that's hanging opposite the worlds biggest Dali painting.  I'd like to thank the Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Bernie Riordon and Terry Graff for an opportunity for First Nations people to come and see First Nations work at the highest calibre.  To have a painting across from Dali, I couldn't even dream this.  Dali was an influence in my early works.  The only way I can express my feelings about this honour is to quote Dali; "There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction".

        Big Dog Interview

          An interview I did for Big Dog and Cat Country radio in Truro will air on New Years Day during newscasts between 7am and 5pm.  I'll be showing my work at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics from February 26th - 28th.  We're preparing for the Olympics right now.  I had an enjoyable holiday.  It was a chance to recharge my batteries, and I'm looking forward to this new year.  Lone Cloud is working on recording, and is hoping to have a cd out by the time the ECMA's roll around.  Hope to see you there.  You can join the East Coast Music association, and have a chance to vote for Lone Cloud for Aboriginal Recording of the Year.  You can listen to Lone Cloud on Myspace, and free downloads are now available at

Lone Cloud's first ECMA Nomination

          Lone Cloud have just been nominated for an ECMA for Aboriginal Recording of the year!!!  You can download Lone Cloud's music for FREE here.  O SIYAM, a book of Aboriginal Art inspired by the 2010 Olympics, including my own, is now available here.  I'll be putting up some new work on the website soon.  We've been selling pieces regularly, so new pieces will be forthcoming.

Alan Syliboy's "Little Thunder"

           Watch out for "Little Thunder", an animation I did with Nance Ackerman and Paton Francis to be available to watch on the NFB Website in a week or so.  I will be at the Artisan Village at the Olympics in February.  I haven't got all the information yet, but we will update, and you can come visit me at the Olympics.  My Coca Cola Bottle will be up for auction during the Olympics.  You can find details about the auction here.  Lonecloud are also on Myspace and Youtube.

Coke Bottle at the Grand Parade

There was a send off at the Grand Parade in Halifax with Sidney Crosby and Sarah Conrad carrying the torch, as well as a big party.  I was there with Christy Groves talking to people about our Coke bottles, and I got to meet the president of Coke and other Coke personnel.  The consensus was that they all liked my Coke bottle design.  The bottle will eventually end up on Ebay, and anyone can bid on it with the proceeds going to the Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal Youth Legacy FundLonecloud are recording now, and it is all going very well.  Should have some new music available soon.  I'll be attending the Screening of Nance Ackerman's "Four Feet Up" in support of her project.

Coca Cola Art Bottle

My Coke bottle has been officially released to the world.  There was a press conference yesterday, so you may see it in the media.  You can come see it in Halifax at the Grand Parade on Wednesday, November 18th after 4:00 pm and from there, it'll go to the Olympics where it will be on display and eventually auctioned with the proceeds going to Aboriginal youth programs.  We'll be posting more photos of the process of painting the Coke bottle in the near future.  The People of the Eastern Door are represented at the Olympics.

Little Thunder has left home!     

      The "Little Thunder is Leaving Home" show is all finished and put away.  It was a huge success.  I did several talks with students and overall, we had a lot of students come through.  I was very happy with the look of the show, and I'd like to thank Peter and Charmaine for all their help organizing and hanging the show, and also the NSCC and the Truro Art Society who made this show possible.  Little Thunder is making his way across the country, and will end up on the jumbotron at the Vancouver Olympics.  It appears that "Little Thunder" is getting good reception everywhere he goes.  I've finished working on the 6 foot bottle for Coca Cola which is waiting to be shipped off for the unveiling on November 16th.  Lone Cloud is in recording mode working on new songs, and we hope to have them released early in the new year.  This has been a very busy year, and I've enjoyed it very much.

Little Thunder is Leaving Home

Back From BC!

      I just got back from my show in Vancouver.  I took my daughter Erin with me, and we both had a great time.  Eight hours of flying time is a long time out of your life, but it was a great landing.  The show was at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and I got to see a lot of my old friends.  I made some good trades with painter, George Littlechild, fashion designer Pamela Baker, and Corrine Hunt.  I got two guitar pick pendants that will find their way into our band Lonecloud.  I enjoyed peoples’ reactions to my art.  This was the first art show I had in British Columbia, and I made great contacts in preparing for the Artisan Village in February.  I am starting work on my Coke bottle project and sending some progress-update photos.  I’m going to make a big effort to try to keep my blog updated, and enjoy my new site.  Evan did a great job on it.   

Alan Syliboy in Vancouver, BC


Welcome to our new site!

        This has been a very eventful year. I will try to keep this blog current and up to date. It is difficult keeping on top of things at times. A lot of projects have been hatching, many at the same time, mainly with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics who I am doing four projects with. Ekpahak (Ekpahak-Where the Tide Ends) has been a very successful show. The Lord Beaverbrook is producing a catalogue for the show and we will let you know when that becomes available. Lone Cloud (Lone Cloud on Myspace) has finally released our first album. We’ve sent it off to aboriginal stations all over the country, and CBC have sent it out to their stations. Lone Cloud is also launching a new website very soon, where you’ll be able to download our music. I’d like to thank CBC for all the extra attention they gave us by remixing our cd which really helped the overall quality. Check out Lone Cloud’s new site for updates and information about the band.