Red Cross Humanitarian Award 2010 Dinner

      A recent painting titled 'Brain with Head Dress' was part of my presentation at the Red Cross Humanitarian Awards, during which Dr. Ivar Mendez was presented the prestigious Humanitarian Of The Year Award. This painting is being purchased by the QEII Neurosurgery department with part of the proceeds going to the Red Cross.  The painting will be on display there in the near future.  This work is a result of my work with Dr. Ivar Mendez and Nance Ackerman on the Brainstorm documentary.  This is just the beginning of my journey that will take me into a time of learning about the brain and incorporating it into my art.  The reaction to this painting by Dr. Mendez and the people at the Red Cross Gala was very positive.  This should prove to be a new dimension and I am excited about learning more about the brain and about my self.

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Alan Syliboy, Red Cross Brochure